About Us

Myontec designs smart clothing. The best intelligent garments that measures your muscles activity, and, along with our phone apps and Muscle Monitor software, we offer customers a new dimension in understanding their muscles behaviour while doing exercise.

Myontec is committed with innovation and we work to make our customers to be healthier, to understand better their body and to be better athletes.

The New York Times ranked an innovation developed by a Finnish company Myontec Ltd third in their article ”32 Innovations That Will Change your Tomorrow”, published in 2012. Based on an innovative product patented by Myontec; a product called Mbody that has been developed for active exercisers and athletes.

Mbody has also been awarded as Winner of The Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2013/2014 in Sport & Fitness category. Mbody has also been an ISPO Brand New Finalist from January 2014.

Thanks to Mbody, now you have access to an entirely new information level: muscle load, performance technique, muscle balance, the efficiency and intensity of muscle work. The obtained -unique and revolutionary- data will lead you to even better training sessions, and on that way to even better results.

In Myontec we believe that muscle measurement will have an impact on training and the developing of workouts that will be even greater than the one accomplished by heart rate measurement. We offer a new step forward: the combination of both outputs.

There are many fields of application for Myontec’s innovation –a countless amount–, therefore this is not limited only to exercise and sports. For instance: rehabilitation, ergonomics, gaming industry, medicine, and even military and space industry are potential sectors for our technology.

Behind the Finnish company Myontec there is an international and versatile team of professionals who have gained success in Olympic level sports, and in the field of software engineering, university and research.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence